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Urban Audio-Visual Work for Large Scale LED Surface

Counterpolis is a 120-second visual and sonic commentary focused on the urban forces that shape the 21st century city. Designed for the International Commerce Center (ICC) tower in Hong Kong, the largest LED display surface in Asia, this short audio-visual work was made for a international competition between ISEA 2016 and the OpenSkyGallery, curated by Maurice Benayoun. The piece won an honorable mention and will be exhibited in the latter part of 2016.

While staging a countdown of the piece itself as fused into the surfaces of the ICC, Counterpolis explores the relationship between image and object. In doing so, an exchange of play, movement, stillness, fluidity and friction builds into a sonic-visual frenzy embodying the new urban norm. This regime of animated people, spaces and things seems to run on its own logic. Yet, as our bodies navigate the global city, the order that frames this industrious ecology is time; an order that clocks by the second the flows of the metropolis and the longevity of all things.

Counterpolis test video, ICC Hong Kong, March 2016

Counterpolis (Simulation)





International Commerce Center (ICC), Hong Kong, China


120 second looped video (HD)


Concept: Erik Adigard/M-A-D + Chris Salter
Graphics: Erik Adigard
Sound: Chris Salter