Chris Salter

art / design / research / writing

The marble clocktower or horologion, the tower of the winds in the Roman Agora in Athens had multiple purposes in the ancient world: sundial, water clock, broadcaster and monitor of the winds. Horologion rethinks this architectural structure in terms of atmosphere and ambience. On each hour on the hour from October 2-26, 2014, an urban wind composed of city sound, light, mist and clouds will rush in, through and out of Raumlabor’s temporary architectural structure. Throwing open the window to the world. Water as timekeeper. Sound to light to vapour to wind – all in real time.


Maison Fontaine - Fountain House, Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal, Quebec


Philips Nitro LED strobe, Antari M-5 High capacity fog machine, DMX interface, computer, audio interface


Direction/Sound: Chris Salter
Lighting Collaboration: Omar Faleh
Sound Assistance: Adam Basanta