Chris Salter

art / design / research / writing

A collaboration with the Biennale Internationale Art Numérique and the Darling Foundry, Montréal. Realized in the large central gallery of the Darling Foundry Visual Arts Centre.


Darling Foundry, Montréal, Québec
May 1 - May 13, 2014


Concept and Direction: Chris Salter
Composition: Chris Salter and Adam Basanta
Architectural Design: Thomas Spier
Lighting and Laser System Design: Elio Bidinost
Embedded Systems, Micro Light and Sound Design, Media Composition Programming: Marije Baalman
Supercollider adapting and programming (Montréal Version): Martin Marier
Technical Assistance: Harry Smoak and Nina Bouchard
Media Behavior Modeling and Programming: Sofia Audry
Structural Consultant: Schlaich Bergermann and partner/David Sommer
Electronics Assembly: Rene Wassenburg (Schrikdraad Ontwerp) and Stan Verberkt