Chris Salter

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Part of a collaboration between the Vitra Design Museum’s Lighttopia exhibition and the Haus für Elektronsche Künste in Basel, the 2012 installation has been reworked for Vitra’s Buckminster Fuller / T.C. Howard dome on the Vitra campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Originally premiered in the summer of 2012 at the LABoral Centro for Art, N_Polytope won honorable mentions in the VIDA 13 Art and Artificial Life prize in 2012 and in the Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts category in 2013.

While Xenakis and Fuller seem an odd combination, the idea of installing the work in the dome was suggested by Lighttopia curator Jolanthe Kugler who saw an interesting relationship between two of the twentieth centuries most important creators and thinkers in the area of architecture. Fuller and Xenakis were closer than one thinks when one looks at Expo ’67 where both Fuller’s enormous geodisic dome and Xenakis’ first Polytope were both premiered.

The size and shape of the Fuller Dome demanded a reworking of the installation’s architecture from the original construction at LABoral. Moreover, the dome’s strange acoustics also suggested a complete reworking of the original 2012 score. The result is a fascinating adaptation of architecture, sound, light and space.