Chris Salter

art / design / research / writing

Collaboration with Yin Mei Dance, 2005; Media Scenography

Nomad: The River is a 60 minute dance theater work created in collaboration with Chinese born, New York-based choreographer Yin Mei. The work is a haunting evocation of the choreographer’s experience growing up in the political hysteria of the Cultural Revolution.

Featuring six dancers, the visual and sonic scenography aims to create a magical realm of memories, fantasies, traumatic experience and transformation. 25 fiberglass mesh screens are suspended across the stage area, spread over three pipes and staggered so that projected images from both front and side saturate the surfaces with image and light. At times, the surfaces appear to disappear, replaced by stark, black and white woodcut-like natural forms: gnarled trees, pools of water, chinese characters that melt like snow. The multichannel, electronically generated score and sound design underscores the tension found in the media between artifice and nature; electronic and found sounds entangle with each other, producing aural landscapes that express the tensions of the Cultural Revolution’s violent and tumultuous epoch.


Bryn Mawr Performing Arts, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, September 2007

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, March 2007

UC Riverside Arts, February 2007

University of Massachusetts at Amherst Performance Series, Amherst, MA, February 2006

Carnival Center (Miami Center) for the Performing Arts, Miami, FL, January 2006

Asian Contemporary Theater Festival, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Shanghai, China, September 2005

Trinity College Performing Arts, Hartford, Connecticut, April, 2005

Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY, March 2005



Computer, Matrox triple head splitter, 3 3000+ ANSI Lumen DLP Projectors, screen, audio interface, 8 channel audio


Choreography: Yin Mei
Media Scenography and Sound Design: Chris Salter
Lighting: Lea Xiao