Chris Salter

art / design / research / writing

Réflexion is a large-scale installation that plays with the energy generated between reflection and distortion. Twenty-two (22), 4 x 4’ half transparent, half mirrored panels are suspended in the central atrium of the Eaton Centre, positioned on two levels, Niveau 1 and 2. The panels are hung so that they face outwards, parallel to the balconies so that shoppers can see their reflections in the mirrors. Each of the mirror units is housed within an aluminum frame and has a powerful motor attached at the base. When the motor is activated, the mirror is set into resonance, gradually becoming distorted and transforming the image of the bystander. The longer the motor runs, the more transformed the visitors’ body image and the environment become. The half transparent mirrors enable the undistorted observation of the participants on the other side while the reflected image of those staring at themselves increasingly undulates, vibrates and transforms. The entire system is driven by a series of machine learning algorithms which controls the mirrors’ behaviors over time.
The experience of Réflexion is one of transduction, a transfer and transformation of one kind of energy into another: a resonance between image, body, reflection and environment. Resolutely hybrid between the physical and the digital, Réflexion enables a complete transformation of the body and environment through electro-magnetic energetic magic.


Centre Eaton, Montréal, QC, Canada


Aluminum, Half mirror plexiglas, motors, Arduino mini and mega, custom software and electronics


Réflexion is a commission from Jour de la Terre, the Centre Eaton and Ivanhoé Cambridge.

Concept/Direction: Chris Salter
Co-Concept/Production Support: Harry Smoak
Design/Fabrication: Morgan Rauscher
Programming: Sofian Audry