Chris Salter

art / design / research / writing

E-Book published in collaboration with V2_ Rotterdam and NAi Publishers


As techno-science increasingly reaches into every aspect of life, formerly fast held distinctions between the inert and the active, the human and non-human and life and matter are cracking. From biotechnical engineering to the cataclysmic imminence of climate change, our very notions of what and how we consider life are under fire. What are the ethical, aesthetic and political stakes in understanding a world view in which humans are no longer at the centre?

The Vibrancy Effect is the result of a closed expert meeting organized by V2_ and Chris Salter that brought together artists, social scientists, natural scientists and humanities experts to explore the question of what matter does, to us and the world, and to bridge the gap between different disciplines conceptualizing and working with new notions of ‘vibrant materiality’ (Jane Bennett) and ‘material agency’ (Andrew Pickering).

Concept by Chris Salter/Erik Adigard/M.A.D.
Edited by Chris Salter, Harry Smoak and Michel van Dartel
Designed by M.A.D./Erik Adigard, Patricia McShane & Htet Win



Animated ePub, Illustrated with video fragments.